Van Cougar uses oral storytelling to create work that challenges traditional forms of dramatic narrative and creates a more interesting, strange and shocking piece of theater. 


Praise for Van Cougar


“The show is a cleansing experience, a salve, and you leave the theater feeling refreshed and ready to face the latest upload.” – The New Yorker (TUBE 2012)

“Whether you prefer your war stories low key or over the top, hesitant or harrowing…Gunga Din has you covered.” – NY Times (Gunga Din 2012)

“This dense and wonderful evening of theater has a stellar cast and remarkable moments, a richness of theatricality that attests strongly to that extensive talent that put it together.” – (Gunga Din 2012)

“Van Cougar’s unprepossessing upstart of show proceeds to pummel our expectations, drawing from a seemingly inexhaustible well of craft, cleverness, and Sweet Science.” – Village Voice (Rocky Philly 2009)